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Now That You've Uploaded Your Resume... - Our First Guest Blog!

  • By The JobSmart Team
  • 29 Feb, 2016

Enough of our boring chat , we thought you might want to hear from people who are currently going through the same as you – job hunters and recruiters alike! That's why we have decided to invite some friends and colleagues to become guest bloggers for JobSmart, to tell us a little about their experiences (and their frustrations!) and talk about things that are important to them.

The blogs they write for us are completely original and unbiased (we even let them choose their own images so this should be interesting!) and we hope some of you can relate to them.

So here it is…drum-roll please… introducing out VERY FIRST guest blogger …Jennifer!!

Jennifer is an HR Professional living in Dubai who has recently found herself a new job (congratulations Jen! :-) ) Here is her story…

My UAE Job Hunt

I've just completed my 2nd UAE job hunt (successfully, I may add) but it’s not until I actually sit and look back on the past 3 months, that I begin to realize what a mine field the job market is here.

To give you some background, I like to think of myself as an average to slightly above average candidate, I have a post graduate qualification in my chosen field, broad industry experience, some well recognized companies on my CV and that all important previous UAE experience (3.5 years to be precise). Around 9 months ago, along with my colleagues, I was told that my previous employer would be ceasing operations in the UAE at the end of 2015 and therefore, I would need to start thinking about alternative employment. I took the decision to stay until the company closed so my job hunt didn't start until around November last year.

To start with I attacked that job hunt like a man on a mission, I revamped my LinkedIn, added anyone I could think of that may be in a position to help, signed up for various job sites in the UAE, contacted every agent I had ever spoken with in the past (even the ones I hadn't particularly rated previously) and downloaded job board apps to my phone so I could even apply on the move.

Application after application after application :-(

Now, some jobs are easy to apply for - ‘apply with profile’ it says - ‘brilliant’ I would think and be happily applying away (along with 1636 others it would appear) until you stumble across the dreaded ‘apply on company web site’ roles - you know the ones, ‘upload your CV and then retype it because our system won’t pull the data across properly’! How frustrating, particularly when you may have to do this 5 times in one day. I'm not going to lie, there were times I just couldn't be bothered cutting and pasting my CV for the 5th time that day. Let’s not even talk about the times that you click through to a job and it was posted 2 years ago or you manage to apply for the same job through multiple sites and recruitment agents.

No response!

What I started to notice though was that no matter how suited to the job I thought I was, I hardly ever seemed to get a response from companies or recruitment agents, maybe I had ended up in the secret folder ! This to me is where as a job hunter, an app like JobSmart would have saved both me (and recruiters) a lot of time and energy, I wouldn't have wasted my time applying for jobs that weren't suitable for my experience, salary requirements etc and likewise, recruiters may have found my application had they not had to sift through 1235 others who may or may not have been suitable for the role.

It all worked out eventually...

In the end, I found a job in Dubai that suits me and hopefully I suit the company too! That’s after applying for 63 jobs on LinkedIn, 7 on Gulf Talent and approximately 25 through company web sites. I had 3 interviews (a pretty poor 3% hit rate) and 2 offers before finally settling on 1!

Hopefully I won’t need to start a new job hunt any time soon, but if I do I will definitely be turning to JobSmart to help me with my search :-)


(If you would like to be featured on our website as a guest blogger please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page, we'd love to hear from you!)

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